2012 Breeding Fee has been reduced! $800 LFG

Before we bought Playin Pep, we disliked shopping for a stallion to breed to, and have a stud fee catch our eye, then have all the hidden charges and fees inflate it. We are straightforward and honest people, and we like our business dealings to reflect that. We want you to know right up front what the Breeding Fee is going to cost you.

$800 Live Cover on site

$5 per day Mare Care (wet or dry)

$800 Shipped Fresh or Frozen Semen

Shipped Semen

If you want to breed by shipped semen, the $800 will cover the complete first shipment of fresh cooled semen, or frozen semen. We are ready to provide whichever you and your reproductive vet are most comfortable with. Each has its pros and cons, and we would be happy to discuss them with you. Second shipments will be at cost for collection and shipping.

Peps frozen semen has proven to be extremely viable. We bred our 3 mares with frozen semen in 2010. His fresh semen is excellent quality by all standards. We have had excellent results with the Fresh Cooled semen as well, even shipping to Canada, which is a 2 day transit.

Live Foal Guarantee

We guarantee a live foal, which is defined as one which stands and nurses. That is a good guarantee, and is the industry standard. We expect you to care for your mare properly, and of course we can't be responsible for preventable issues. On a case by case basis, should something happen to your foal within the first few weeks, (beyond the LFG) we'd consider rebreeding your mare, depending on the circumstances. We really want you to have your Playin Pep baby.

Call or email us to put a little PEP into your program!!!

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