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Playin Pep
Bevo Chex
Docs Dazzlin Darlin
"Magnum" 2011
"Tango" 2011
"Tucker" 2011
Dunit In The Dust
Dry Sugar Miss
CD Lady Commander
Skeets Miss Tivio by Skeets Peppy
Platinum Player
Playin To The Max
Kings Pay Cody
Sheza Lucky Pistol
Diamonds N Dunsmoke
Dolled Up N Diamonds
Skips EasyComeEasyGo
One Lucky Sonofa Dun
Nics American Xpress
This Playboy Dunit
Peps Little Replay
Four Macs Dream Girl
Pepsolano Ace
Couldnt Wait To Play
Dun Smokin Cowgirl
Lenas Fancy Footwork
Aint Gun Playin
RazzleDazzle Playboy
My Magnolia Playgirl
R Gunsmoke N Playboy
Karma Aint Playin
Payin N Playin
Peps Razzberry Fizz
Peps Maple Sugar
Haidas Night Moves